A Different Kind of Commercial Painter

Amco Painting, Inc. is headquartered in Orange NJ. Since 1970, Amco Painting, Inc, has been servicing thousands of satisfied customers in the NY, NJ, CT tri-state area as well as PA . We specialize in all phases of commercial, residential, industrial, and institutional painting. Our #1 goal is to provide the absolute best service and craftsmanship to our customers. Our painting staff combines old world knowledge with the latest in new technology.

We are available 24/7 days a week.

Amco Painting is built on strong relationships. We believe that when we put people first, it creates a positive climate to do good business. When our employees know we care for their wellbeing, they are freed to throw themselves into their work with enthusiasm and skill. When our clients know we are committed to their best interests, they respond with loyalty and trust.

Our culture is about relationships, following through on projects, being there right to the end of a project. We are people-focused and training-focused. When things don’t go perfectly, you can rely on us. Our customers know we will be there when things get tough.

What to Expect when You Work with Us

Unparalleled Expertise: With decades of experience under our belts, we have a deep understanding of commercial painting. We have worked through every kind of project, learning and growing by experience. When it comes to logistical challenges and job-specific product knowledge, we are experienced in procedures many contractors have never done before.

Experienced Estimators & Foremen: During the bidding and pre-work stages, our people are trained to ask lots of questions. We want to make sure we understand the scope of the project and all pertinent dynamics of the job. Expect to speak with competent managers who understand the complex logistics of commercial painting jobs.

Responsive, Scalable Workforce: We have the manpower, equipment and expertise to meet demanding timetables and sophisticated projects. When you need us, we are at your service!

Expect Excellence: To put it simply, our goal is to treat people right and do great work. When a job is complicated and critical, you can turn to us with total confidence. Your crisis is our time to shine!

Amco Painting: Commercial painting services for your toughest jobs. Serving New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, and Pennsylvania.

Exterior Painting

With our unmatched expertise in today’s paints, stains, and high-performance industrial coatings, you can expect a durable finish that lends beauty and distinction to your building.

Exterior Paint

Interior Painting

Count on minimal disturbance to business activity during your project. Cleanliness, courtesy, and discretion are the hallmarks of our indoor commercial painting services.

INterior Painting