We believe that painting your commercial environment should be a low-stress process with minimal intrusion to your day-to-day work and schedule. One way that we show our consideration, for example, is by working as efficiently and quickly as possible during only those hours that are most convenient for you.

With your comfort in mind, we also are proud to offer low-VOC paint options, allowing your new paint to be seen and not smelled.

What Is Low-VOC Paint?

"VOC" stands for Volatile Organic Compounds. These are the agents in the paint formula that allow it to stay in a liquid state while it is stored, and that then evaporate after the paint is applied. While they play an important role, that "new paint smell" does bother some people.

Low-VOC options have limited VOCs, creating a virtually odorless, environmentally-friendly product. This is especially valuable in a commercial environment where your customers’ comfort is also a primary concern.

Why Choose Amco Painting?

Our goal is to be the place where perfectly chosen products and excellence in application meet. We want to be sure that you know your options, that the very best selection is made to meet your needs, and that the application not only looks beautiful, but will last.

Exterior Painting

With our unmatched expertise in today’s paints, stains, and high-performance industrial coatings, you can expect a durable finish that lends beauty and distinction to your building.

Exterior Paint

Interior Painting

Count on minimal disturbance to business activity during your project. Cleanliness, courtesy, and discretion are the hallmarks of our indoor commercial painting services.

INterior Painting